You Really Can Block Them From Your Facebook Business Page


You Really Can Block Them From Your Facebook Business Page

Wow! Look at all of the new likes I have on my Facebook business page!

It is exciting to see those like numbers go up. 100…500…1000… This is GREAT!

But, are those likes real likes? Are they from potential clients (prospects) or… something else?

The goal of most Facebook business pages is to attain a large number of prospects so you can keep in communication with them for future business. We use our pages to get the word out on new upcoming events, products, services, changes in our business; these pages have really become our mouth piece in the internet world.

For this to work for us, we need to have Likes or followers. We HOPE these are the people that are really interested in our business and want to be kept up to date on our latest information.

Yet, if you take some time to look at your page’s likes (on an established page), you will see many names and profiles from around the world. Your local Central Minnesota Store Facebook Page might have likes from India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Ecuador.. the list of other countries goes on and on.

Why are people from those locations liking your page?

It is very simple actually. Many of those countries run something called Click Farms. These farms are businesses that hire low paid workers to click on different things on websites and social media. If you have seen an ad for ‘get 10,000 likes on your Facebook page’ recently, that is a click farm’s pitch. For a small fee, they have their people go and click ‘like’ on your page or your video to build up your likes or the engagement with that video.

But, you haven’t paid for anything, why are you getting them clicking on your page?

The why is really the other side of the click farms with Facebook. Facebook has algorithms or smart software on their site which will detect many of the click farms that are out there clicking on paid customer’s pages. If they would only click on the paid customers, Facebook could flag the activity when all of a sudden 1000 likes hit a page from a specific world region in a few hours.

So, to cover their clicking tracks, they have a list of paid clicks they need to do, then they need to also go out and find other pages at random and like those. They will like your small business page, and mine, and then some big pages. Their goal is to like a few extra so their real business activity of their click farm isn’t detected and those accounts shut down by Facebook.

What does that hurt on your page? Well, Facebook only serves posts to a few of your followers each post. If you have 40% fake likes, your message will hit some of those and less of your prospects. It really rears it’s ugly head when you go to boost a post to your followers. You might to a boost and not set up some location filters (we will cover Facebook boosts in a later article) and end up wasting money advertising a local event or product to your foreign followers.

There is an easy way to block access by country or regions and you can watch that video and fix your Facebook Business page here: Look for the video in the featured post box.