What Are They Saying On The Facebook Marketplace? By John Young


What Are They Saying On The Facebook Marketplace? By John Young
A hot feature from Facebook in the past few months is their Marketplace section! The Facebook Marketplace is an area where one can buy and sell items like an ongoing garage sale. Items are quickly posted (and in some cases, just as quickly purchased) from the mobile app or the Facebook website. Listings will have one or more photos and a brief description. You can choose to comment on the listing to communicate with the seller or you can direct message them via Facebook Messenger (private message) to inquire about the items.
One concern is safety. We are meeting someone who might be selling something broken, stolen, or wore out. They might be there to rob us. There are so many unpleasant possibilities and even dangerous situations we have heard from horrible Craig’s List transactions that we have to be careful. The Marketplace is also only available to those over 18 years old.
The Marketplace listings are connected to seller’s Facebook profile. One benefit of this is that you can click to go see who is the person selling the items. I have checked out many profiles to see if I would be comfortable doing business (buying) something from that person.
It is possible for scammers to fake an account to post items, so one must be careful. Yet, Facebook has been VERY active in deleting fake profiles so you won’t find as many issues on the Marketplace as you would on Craig’s List.
Where can you find the Marketplace? On the mobile app on newer devices you will find the Marketplace icon at the bottom of the Facebook app’s main screen as the center/middle icon. It looks like a little flea market booth. If you don’t see 5 icons on the bottom bar/section of your Facebook app, you might not have the most recent version of the app. Older iPads and cell phones may not have access to the Marketplace in their Facebook app.
On your computer, you can find the Marketplace on the left menu area with a bit of searching.
Once you are on the Facebook Marketplace looking at items, there is a whole new language you will see used to describe items. Here are a few of the commonly used acronyms.
BNWT = Brand New With Tags
BU = Bought Used
COA = Certificate Of Authenticity
DERP = Don’t Engage, Report Post as a scammer (yes, even local folks scam buyers)
DOA = Dead On Arrival, for parts only
EUC = Excellent Used Condition
FCFS = First Come First Served
FFS = Free For Shipping
FTPU – First To Pick Up
GC = Good Condition
GU = Gently Used
GUC = Good Used Condition
HFT = Hard To Find
INO = In Need Of
INT = Interested
ISO = In Search Of
LN = Like News
LOMS = Listed On Multiple Sites
LOOP = Listed On Other Pages
LTD = Limited Edition
MPU = Must Pick Up
NH = No Holds
NIB = New In Box (which generally means they HAVE used it, but it is very clean and put back in the box)
NIL = Next In Line if the previous person doesn’t take the item
NWOB = New With Out Box
NWOT = New With Out Tags
NWT = New With Tags
OBO = Or Best Offer
OOAK = One Of A Kind
OOP = Out Of Print
ORP = Original Retail Price
PM – Private or Personal Message (via Facebook Messenger)
PN = Price Negotiable
POOS = Posted On Other Sites
PPU = Pending Pick Up (most likely sold if posted in the comments by the seller)
PPU = Please Pick Up (when put in the listing itself)
SFPF = Smoke Free, Pet Free
TIA = Thanks In Advance
TTS = True To Size
WTB = Want To Buy
That is a lot, and I am sure you will find many more I missed on this list!
Happy shopping!