Google Is More Than A Search Engine?

Back in 2000, when you wanted to find some information on something, you did an old fashioned search. You would search for a book; you might search in an encyclopedia.. but you SEARCHED for your information.
Then, throughout the 2000s, we made the name ‘Google’ not only represent a company’s name, we made that a verb on how we search for things.
But, Google the online entity is SO MUCH MORE than just a search engine!
In this article, I will cover a few tools which will be part of our larger training webinars we will be offering at this summer and fall.
One many already use to a level is Google Calendar. This calendar allows you to connect your computer, tablet, and cell phone to one calendar with your upcoming activities. You can easily schedule any activity and it will then show up on all of your devices that are connected to your Google Calendar. You can set reminders of those upcoming events, you can share events with others via email or Google accounts, and you can add additional information you might need for that activity. This is a great tool that works well keeping track of bigger events all the way down to little things like getting to your scheduled hair cut on time!  You can see and access Google Calendar at (no www on that url).
Ok, I can schedule my shopping trip for the week with my Google Calendar app, but what about that shopping list? Google Keep becomes that tool! While Keep can do many things; one neat use is as a shopping list.
Once again, this can be accessed by all of your devices. You create a New List, and type away on the items you need occasionally, and items you need on a regular basis. You can click done at any time to save your list and it will link up to your other devices. You can add additional items at any time along with sharing that list with family so others can see your shopping list and add items needed for the household!
Now, what is very neat with Keep: you can click to make items inactive, yet they remain at the bottom of the list to be returned to the top of the list once you need that item again. You can delete the item if it is an infrequent item; but your regular items like milk or bread can be moved from actively needed to inactive so they don’t need to be typed each week when you need them. You just click the little check box near the inactive item and it is right back to things to be picked up!
You can see and access Google Keep at (again, no www on the url).
With all of this new free time you now have, you might want to write a letter to that friend you haven’t seen in a few years. Well, Google has an option for that also!
You really don’t need to buy any expensive word processing software because Google has a full online suite of tools for this also. Google Docs is a very nice online word processing application where you can create letters, resumes, newsletters, brochures, along with just about anything else you can print!
While it isn’t quite as nice as some higher end paid desktop publishing tools, it is very nice! One feature that really makes Google Docs stand out is the ability to share an online document with others via sending them a link. You can choose for them to only be able to see the document you shared, or you can allow them (or many others) to edit the document while you are also looking at and editing that same document. We had one Google Doc shared between about 10 people and you could see about 8 typing at different spots on that page at the same time! You can see and access Google Docs at (note that www aren’t used with these tools).
We will be doing more indepth webinars covering these and other tools you can use for your business or just your daily life throughout the summer and next fall!
John Young is the founder of Small Town Business Do It Yourself (DIY). You can send questions on social media and website design to John at [email protected].