Business Facebook Page Or My Personal Profile Page? by John Young


Small business owners struggle with this one.
Should you only share your business updates to your business page on Facebook or do you let some of that information move over to your personal page?
First off, you NEED to have your business page on Facebook. If you don’t have your business on Facebook, DO IT NOW! I will wait for you.
Just before writing this article, I searched for 5 businesses and in each case, the Facebook business page came up BEFORE the actual website. Yes, you need your business of Facebook!
Next, the personal profile page post or business page post: There are a few situations in play here that make this debate a bit more complicated than, “yes, you need to use your business page for all of your business updates!”
When Facebook first started to really take hold, you could start a business page and it would be seen in the newsfeed of those that followed your page. It wasn’t uncommon for active business pages to have 10-50% of their fans see any given post during the day.
That changed a few years back with a Facebook algorithm which calculated how much you see from the pages you follow. Now, some pages you really want to see each day are not being shared like they were in the past. Businesses that had 25% or more seeing their posts each day now are lucky to get 1% see a post.
Yet, on your personal profile page, those posts are shown in the newsfeed to those who are on your friends list at a fairly high rate.
So, many have gone to posting their business posts also on their personal page as a way to gain more exposure.
Is this a good idea? I guess the first thing I would look at would be the type of friends that are on your personal profile page. Are they people that would like to see your business posts? Are they potential prospects for your services? Are only some on your friends’ list potential prospects? These questions need to be answered before we go too much farther.
Let’s say you are selling a service, but no one on your friends’ list is your ideal customer. Then, it would not make sense to share updates and posts on your personal profile page. Continued posting in this situation will cause friends to block or ‘unfollow’ your posts and can cause hard feelings very quickly.
If you have a percent on your friends’ list that are prospects, there are a few ways to deal with this. First, you could make a custom list of those friends and only direct the business type posts to them and not the rest of your friends’ list on your profile. This takes a bit of time to set up, but in the long run it might be worth it.
If you have the majority of your friends that would be or could be prospects, then I would just post updates right along with your personal profile updates. Just keep in mind to mix up your postings so you aren’t always posting about business and keep those posts at a minimum each week.
Another thought: Think about creating two personal profile Facebook pages if you want to keep your ‘business name profile page’ and personal profile page information separate. An example would be in my situation of having a John Young profile page where I share knowledge and training for DJs, and have a second John Young profile page where I share my personal thoughts and family photos. This would be keeping two different friends’ lists with two personal profile pages which would allow me to keep some things more private.
That would also entail two log in methods to be memorized along with managing two Messenger accounts for direct messages. It can get a bit cumbersome unless you have one device (work computer) set up for the second profile while the rest of your devices are set to the other.
I think the key to take from this is to share the things that are of most interest to your friends or followers. Keep things fun, informational and for heaven’s sake, don’t make it political! No one has time for that!
John Young is the founder of Small Town Business Do It Yourself (DIY). You can send questions on social media and website design to John at [email protected]